Tuesday, 13 March 2012


They literally ruin a budding personality or in my case a star(for extra effects).And guess what, as a supplement by the "ruin your life thingy " we have only one month vacation as  we are entering the ninth grade (usually we get  two months). That IS NOT FAIR.you cant do that to a kid.I would have protested if I had some followers.But most of my school mates are happy about that (they are relieved that they at least have that. :)).
                          I have my exams going on and its Social the day after.Mom would not be happy with what I am doing at present.I am writing this because she is busy with something else.According to "utlise the short time" policy, in "section of kids rule" of our house, you must utlise to the maximum the time available,in doing things that you are absolutely sure that your parents wont allow.You must do this when they are busy with something they cant avoid at that moment ( this is a special tip to those who have not found that yet).Make sure that you finish it by the time they come.Uh Oh! Mom is coming.

Saturday, 3 March 2012

The Ideal World

Who doesn't dream of an ideal world. I think most of us do. Well not all of us share the same ideas. In my world I need peace. I need development. Not that our world doesn't have it but, it isn't enough. Actually Our world LACKS peace more than development.

       Now coming towards education (as it is something that distracted me suddenly), I guess like the dialogue in 3 idiots our current world has more pressure cookers than institutions. You teach them a few chapters.and the students, fearing their so called SA or FA marks, study just to clear it. Next year these are not even remembered. That is left behind in their classes. There might be one or two who seriously take it along with them lifelong. Frankly I have very few lessons from science and maths in my mind or something that the teachers frighten us saying that these WILL COME NEXT YEAR. But i tell you one thing the current syllabus allows you to have a lot of fun [if you have some good old teachers :)].
I am just a thirteen year old,I have more to see, more to know and more to experience. But through this blog or article I am just pouring out what I feel, for this is not something that i can talk or debate of. It is something that needs to be expressed. Maybe my thoughts might change in the future and I might write more pages of ........................................................................... A DAY YET TO COME  :D